Rubber Duckie


5000 Duckies Went Out One Day February 07 2013, 0 Comments

by Kelly Keegan

5000 rubber duckies went out one day,  over the hill and far away..............China, Taizhou,  2012, is a city population of  6 million.  Taizhou is located 190 miles south of Shanghai.  A local farmer named Hong took his colony of duckies on an annual traditional pilgrimage of Zhejiang province through the cites, streets causing a duckie traffic jam, after duckie traffic jam.  Farmer Hong mustered his duckies with a single 10 foot cane, directing the ducks towards the local pond for feeding. Motorist appeared accepting for the migration process and onlookers were respective and quite intrigued.  Over many years farmer Hong prepares the duckies for this journey;-  he said he's never misplaced a duck......and all farmer Hong's ducks came back!

Quack ! Quack !