Rubber Duckie


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Matilda and her very own rubber duckie collection

♥ you baby girl forever in my ♥ 2013-2013 ♥

Dee, Thank you so very for sharing your Rubber Duckie Collection Pic's Just Awesome !
This is the famous Miss. Piper Stone the paining bulldog always followed on FB and her Rubber Duckie! 
Thanks for your pic adorable Piper !

Jacqueline and Tamara's Rubber Duckie Photo Shoot.  Punk Duck looks at home on his drum kit whilst the two Darling Divas are Quacking out their favorite song "Rubber Duckie You're the One" After the show!  time to relax in the spa, with the Rubber Duckie fan club                        
Jacqueline's Punk Duck

This is Chloe and Bella Rubber Duckie lovers, collectors and Facebook followers.  
Always surrounded by Rubber Duckies....
Thanks for your lovely photo girls.....
Wolf Wolf and a Quack! Quack!