Rubber Duckie


29,000 Rubber Duckies Fall Off Ship January 02 2013, 1 Comment

by Kelly Keegan

"Sad but true mythological fiction" Over a decade ago and before the birth of there lived a simpler rubber duck.  Back then the rubber duck was commonly referred  to as a "yellow rubber duck."  

This occurrence replicated a similar historical event known as the sinking of the Titanic.  In 1992, 29,000 common yellow duckies stowed on Ducktania shipping container on route from China destined to arrive at in the USA for American firm The First Years Inc.  One very duck day, the oceans quacked up,  Ducktania lost most her "precious eggs".  The container full of common yellow duckies fell into the sea and sunk!.   The distressed captain Cluck managed to keep his webbed feet from getting wet and called mayday, SOS by sending his fastest flying pigeon to shore with a message for HELP attached. 

The series of events that had occurred that duck day went viral.  World mass hysteria and interest was news worthy, every newspaper, television and radio stations sent reporters to follow this unlikely cracked egg tale.

Today respected scientist professors, lectures, meteorologist, seismologist, geological weather bureau world wide STILL follow floating yellow duckies with close interest.  Organisations have recorded much detail about yellow duckies traveling around the seas on planet Earth.  Specific documentation of ocean currents made possible because yellow rubber duckies have courageously taken on the twelve seas and landed on various country coastlines.   

Like Water Off A Ducks Back -  Quack!  Quack!

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