The Birth Of Rubber Duckie December 28 2012, 0 Comments

 by Kelly Keegan

A very very very true story of how Rubber Duckie actually came to be . . .

 The short tale about how Rubber Duckie spent one week in hospital recovering from some type of bird-Avian virus. Rubber Duckies friends were not in their usual place upon his arrival back home, "the bathroom". 


 The whole welcoming home party, his family of Rubber Duckies normally scattered, nesting and quacking in the bathroom were all GONE! 


Rubber Duckie was on the hunt to locate more bathroom buddies.  His journey sent him abroad, in doing so, Rubber Duckie invited only the very best luxury ducks to come down under, to live in  "Australia"  So There It Was, The Birth of   

Extend Your Wings & Bring Them Into Your Nest TOO.

 Quack !   Quack !