Lovely Rubber Duckies December 28 2012, 0 Comments

 by Kelly Keegan

Rubber Duckie sells online characteristically featured Rubber Ducks; these ducks come to life at bath time. Bath time is a sensory productive event, allowing parent/sensitive caregiver special play time with their child. Role modelling is an extremely powerful teaching process with rewarding leaning strategies. Rubber Duckies are perfectly designed for Role Play in an environment that suits ASD children, bathing in water. Rubber Duckies are different in personality and design lending well to social character play teaching resources. Social story telling at bath time with child, parent and Rubber Duckie allows parents to communicate topics such as sharing, interaction between friends, bedtime, quite time or upcoming event such as doctor’s visit, holiday, and trip to the shops even having a haircut appointment............ Rubber Duckie role modelling can provide children opportunities and successful outcomes through the love of parenting. 

Rubber Duckie herself has a duckling with Autism Spectrum Disorder, like you Rubber Duckie has had many behavioral social struggles. Over the years much education has been absorbed to ensure that William’s matures to become “Will”. 

Rubber Duckie is a Gold Coast business in Australia selling Rubber Duckies online Australia wide.