National Rubber Duckie Day ~ January 13 January 12 2013, 0 Comments

by Kelly Keegan

National Rubber Duckie Day is booked in on – 13th January.  Rubber Duckie Day is celebrated today because Sesame Street’s most popular character Ernie had a little yellow floating friend he named Rubber Duckie.  Ernie's yellow friends birthday in on 13th January and that is exactly why National Rubber Duckie Day is celebrated today.

In 1970, Jim Henderson showcased the Rubber Duckie song on Sesame Street.  Ernie the Muppet character would sing in recorded segments whilst bathing in the tub with his yellow Rubber Duckie.  Ernie’s Rubber Duckie has become one of the most beloved bath toys in history!  It's hard to forget that lovable bubbly tune  about that little yellow duck…”Rubber Duckie You’re the One!”

Fact;-The Rubber Duckie song hit Billboard charts the year it was introduced and happened to make an impressive showing at #16 position ………. Quack!  Quack!